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Smoke Stadiums Reset

Stadium reset for smoke patch

- this will remove the stadiums added by the patch
- this will restore the game stadiums including the latest DLC related files
- this will not work if you generate the patch
- you cannot undo removing the stadiums (reinstall patch to restore)
- run the installer and select the game folder
- you have to reassign stadiums manually

read the information at the main release

For smoke patch 2018

For smoke patch 2017


- we base our work on the assumption that the patch files are not altered, so if you have generated the patch or by anyway changed the dpfilelist it might not work, please do not report any issues if you changed the patch dpfilelist.
- the reset tool removes the stadiums for good, this tool cannot recover the files, so if you decided to get back the stadiums you will need to reinstall the full patch and its updates